jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

Prepositions of place

Level: 1st grade
Subject: Prepositions of place
Objective: Students will be able to follow instructions with prepositions of place

 Close the book and clean your desk.
Leave only the cartridge case with the glue and eraser in your desk.
When  the teacher say in; put the glue and eraser in the cartridge case. On; put the glue and the eraser on the cartridge case. Under; raise the cartridge case. Between; put the cartridge case in the middle of the glue and eraser. (Do a little practice)
The max. of points per student are: 4 points (1 per preposition)
Procedure:  The teacher calls one student to come to the front desk and plays with the instructions I give to him/her.  Depending on the prepositions I say and his performance accordingly obtain the corresponding points
After the majority of students participate, the instructions are given by other student and not the teacher. This will increase the excitement and participation from a different perspective.

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