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How to use the chalkboard effectevely

In the elementary grades the school usually have chalkboards and as I am not used to write on them I look for recommendations on how to use it as effective tools and here I will share them with you:

How to Use the Chalkboard As an Effective
With the emergence of technology and digital media in the classroom, teachers have a variety of resources at their fingertips including interactive whiteboards and student laptops. However, the age-old chalkboard still can be an effective teaching tool with today's tech-savvy students, and in many cases is more reliable than its electronic counterparts. When using the chalkboard as a teaching tool, consider several aspects to ensure that effective teaching occurs.


Practice good chalkboard hygiene by eliminating dust and keeping the chalkboard clean. A clean chalkboard makes writing easier to see, which makes teaching and learning more effective for all involved. Appoint a student to wash the chalkboard and ledges at the end of each day, so it is ready for the next school day. Appoint another student to vacuum out the erasers once each week in order to keep dust to a minimum.

Use different colored chalk to draw attention to specific words or concepts during teaching. However, keep in mind that some colors may be more difficult to see than others. Ask students which colors are easiest to read and use those ones. Additionally, ensure that you write big enough, so each student in the room can see equally well. Avoid glare by closing window blinds during certain parts of the day.

Erase irrelevant material from the chalkboard that may distract from what you are teaching. If a chalkboard is filled with information from several prior lessons, some students may have trouble focusing on the pertinent information for the lesson.

Use the chalkboard on a predictable, consistent basis. For example, write a morning activity on the chalkboard for students to do each morning upon their arrival at school. Students will become accustomed to looking at the chalkboard as they enter the room to complete the daily assignment.

Involve the students in using the chalkboard. Do not make the assumption that in order to effectively teach, you must be the one doing the teaching. A teacher can become a facilitator when involving students in activities and games that encourage learning. For example, play "Addition Race" using the chalkboard. Divide the class into two equal teams and have them stand an equal distance from the chalkboard. In front of each team, write 10 to 15 addition questions on the chalkboard. Have a player from each team approach the chalkboard and complete his choice of a question. The team that completes all of the questions first is the winner.

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