jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

My interests

Level: 2nd grade
Subject: My interests
Objective: Students will be able to produce complete sentences to express preferences or interests

Confirm that content is clear by doing some questions and asking examples.
Play a race game by:
·         Divide the class in two teams
·         Write the four main phrases related to the topic in the board (My favorite/ I like to/ She likes to/ He likes to)
·         Bring a box with paper straws with activities and actions so that students pick one paper and do the match with the corresponding phrase. If correct 1 point, if incorrect 1 point for the other team.

Rules of the game:
  • The only person I choose from the group reads the final sentence
  • Teammates can help but quietly
  • Before I count until 5 all must be in their chairs
  • If noise of misbehave the point is automatically given to the other team.

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